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  Perspiring    Cooling off       Steam        Washing       Cooling      Dry off &                                                                                                                            RELAX
There is no other type of bath that compares with an ILO sauna.       
A sauna is a steam bath that gives relief from tension, and relaxes the body and mind.  It produces a feeling of well-being and vigor. 
       The sauna is a way of relaxing through steam, heat and humidity. The heat is pleasant, not smothering or oppressive.  Heat from the stones is clean, fresh, and almost sweet to breath.  You are cleansed through perspiration.                   Perspiration is hardly noticeable in a dry bath but freely flowing in the traditional steam or sauna bath. Humidity is controlled by tossing water on the heated stones.
        The high sauna temperature and humidity speeds up body processes and at the same time stimulates the body's blood flow. The sauna temperature of 145 to 200 degrees F permits perspiration to flow freely, opening the pores as no other type of cleansing agent can. 
         Pores that haven't functioned in years will open after a few times in the sauna, a natural complexion aid. As the Finns say, in an old proverb, "If a sauna doesn't cure you, death is sure to follow".  A sauna temperature of 155 degrees F with 15% humidity is more comfortable than a hot summer day at 90% humidity.  
        Periods of pleasant, relaxing heat are alternated with refreshing dips in a pool, lake, or shower. Rest follows. A sauna at bedtime will have you sleeping like a baby. At other times of the day it refreshes, invigorates, and prepares one for energetic activity. In all cases it imparts a feeling of complete physical and mental well-being.
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   Perspiring     Cooling off       Steam        Washing      Cooling      Dry off &

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