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The Table


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The Auxiliary Table
    This extremely handy accessory consists of two brackets and two legs made from heavy 3/16" (7 gauge) steel. It can be easily made to any length or width depending on your needs. 
  table bracket.JPG (12405 bytes)    The Table Brackets
    The 2 x 6's of required length are simply slipped into the bracket and held in place with industrial grade knobs.
 Only a leg.JPG (117321 bytes)   The Table Legs
    The legs are attached to the opposite end, and a 2 x 6 is slid in to make the desired width.
    A top of plywood or any material (not included) can be used to fit your particular job. The table is then at the same height as the miter saw.
    A further feature is that the whole assembly can be easily removed by simply raising the legs.
    Additional brackets or legs can be purchased separately. Having two or more of these auxiliary table sets allows one to quickly assemble a free-standing table of any size or configuration which is very handy because it can be used with or without the saw assembly. Since this table is portable and quickly assembled, it literally has hundreds of uses.
Any Size or Configuration!
The Possibilities Are Endless!....

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