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The Mighty MiteR Workstation

    The real advantage of the Mighty MiteR station is that it can be assembled as long or as short as it's job requires. If you're miter cutting 20ft. rafters, make it 24 ft. long.  It consists of various parts which can be used as a system or individually.
    Its unique design gives you a versatile workstation with it's own power supply and can be quickly assembled right in the middle of your work area and be just as easily disassembled, moved or stored. It all fits in the trunk of your car.
    It's built very ruggedly for contractor use, yet is very affordable for the home handyman. The Mighty MiteR workstation will handle all commercial miter saws, sliding, compound or simple cut-off.

It's Many Features:

1.) All parts are formed of strong 7 ga. (3/16"thick) steel and finished in a beautiful red enamel.

2.) All knobs are heavy industrial grade for lifetime use.

3.) All legs have inserts that are non-marring and non-scratching.

4.) Built for dependable day in day out commercial use.

5.) It's unique design makes it easy to re-assemble or re-configure for many different uses. It is quickly disassembled and moved to a new location.  It will store in a minimal space.

6.) No need to go searching for an extension cord! It comes with an attached 25 ft. 14 AWG - 15 amp power cord with four (4) GFI protected outlets that will handle all miter saws, drills, vacuums, sanders--you name it. 

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roller and brack...2.JPG (11988 bytes) 7.) Has 2 stainless steel rollers to smoothly guide your work to or away from the blade. More may be added.

cutstopbracket copy2.JPG (14435 bytes) 8.) Includes a cutting stop which can quickly adjust for height and length of cut. It also has a micro adjustment for extremely precise repetitive  cuts. It moves over the miter saw's table to make short, close to the blade cuts.  It's easily dropped out of the way and put back as needed.

saw bracket2.JPG (16540 bytes) 9.) The saw bracket is very robust. It can easily be re-positioned and will accept any type of mounting board (not included). It positions the saw securely and steady.

10.) The work area can be quickly lengthened or shortened by replacing the 2 x 6's.

table only 2.JPG (21765 bytes) 11.) The auxiliary table is it's most versatile feature. It can easily be removed or reinstalled by simply loosening the two tightening knobs and lifting the legs upward about 2 feet. At that point, it is free of the stand. It can easily be made narrow/wide, or short/long by simply moving the legs and/or brackets and using different length 2 x 6's.  Additional legs and brackets make a free standing table of any size or  configuration for setting up work, making displays, storage, picnics, parties- You name it! Again, it all stores away in a small space or fits in the trunk of your car.
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